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Using the latest W3C web standards and best practice accessibility, I create clean and attractive websites to draw clients to your business and showcase you. I've been doing this since 2000 as I am by trade a front end developer and graphic designer. My degrees which include a Bachelor's in Interactive digital media and an associate's in graphic design were obtained at Lyndon State College. This little gem of a school is located in my home state of Vermont. The Charlotte area offered me a great job in 2014 working as a Technical Business Analyst.

I hand code and use Photoshop for creating layouts. I'm currently perfecting my bootstrap/responsive web design. I also continue to develop HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript skills. Progression continues in web design and practice makes perfect, I hope.

Being creative has always been a part of my life whether it was creating websites, djing, painting, or drawing. In my free time I enjoy biking, geocaching, golfing and hanging out with my wife Beth and we welcomed our first son Brydon in January 2016. We have since moved to Reedsburg, WI to be closer to family. Her and I are truly sports nuts and fortunately she has picked up the Boston Bruins as a team and I have picked up the Wisconsin badgers. We both love the Packers.

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Sketches & Wires

This is a process which will keep you involved and my creativity high. As you lay out your goals for the project I will begin designing. Careful thought will go into many different elements of the site, including proportions, placement and user experience.


Obviously this is where the design of the site happens. I'll use Photoshop to create elements, wire frames will develop structure, and fonts and colors will emerge. Once your brand has started to develop, it will be time for you to review and critique. Your input will be important and appreciated.

Into the Browser

After your review starts the hard work for me, I will use all the latest technologies to ensure an impressive final product. Your site will be responsive allowing perfect viewing on any device.


Time to Launch your site and celebrate! A personal thank you note will be in the mail from me to you.

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